Gareth Davies

Port Vale FC - League One English Football

Ex Professional Academy Player

Ex Semi Professional Player

UEFA Qualified

Nationality: English

Coaches Comment:

I have coached Cameron for over a year and the development that he has made in that 12 months has been very impressive. Cameron through his own hard work, determination and discipline has improved his game in all areas in order to become a strong player within a group of elite athletes. On the field Cameron possesses electric speed, very strong ball manipulation skills and a clean strike with both feet. As well as being individually talented, Cameron is one of the hardest working team players I have ever had the pleasure of coaching, his desire to compete and leave everything he has on the field inspires the rest of the team to work harder also.

Off the field Cameron is a very polite, mild mannered boy who shows his peers and coaches respect at all times. Cameron is keen to learn and develop as a player and a person, this attitude is what has enabled him to develop into the player he has become and is what will hopefully see him through to playing at a high level.